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Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

14" Cake. Rolled butter cream fondant for the outside of tub flowers
and figures. Buttercream icing bubbles. Store bought baby.


OvenDelights said...

I really love it!!!!

bgtrish said...

It is such a cute cake. My cousin wants me 2 make 1 just like it 4 her baby shower. Did u let the fondant harden a lil b4 putting it on the cake?

kay's kitchen said...

This is an adorable cake. I want to copy it for my newest great grandson's baby shower.But since I don't like using fondant, I will make milk chocolate boards for the outside of the tub.

Edee said...

I have done this cake with fondant and candy clay...if you don't like the taste of fondant try the wiltons candy clay recipe..delicious!! I did not let the fondant harden, I just rolls out, emboss,spray the sides of the cake with water, and stick it on!