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Friday, March 5, 2010

60th Spring Birthday

This cake is to feed 100-125 people. Double layered cakes. 16" and 4- 10" cakes. All buttercream. 50/50 gumpaste fondant flowers.
1st time making any kind of flowers out of gumpaste. I didn't have cutters for most of them, so most are handmade with a little imagination and alot of help online looking at tutorials.
Scrolls on side- I imprinted them first and then piped dots over the scrolls- It was alot of work to do those dots. I'm going to have a huge muscle on my right arm and nothing on my left- :)
It was fun learning how to do these new techniques.
Comments welcome! Please feel free to leave feedback. I am always trying to learn to do things better! Thanks for looking.


Kara said...

Thoise flowers look really nice! If you get some basic cutters you can usually adapt them to make a bunch of different flowers. Round cutters can be used to make rose petals, etc. You did a really good job without the specific ones, though.

Alissa Stacy said...

I love the design on the sides, beautiful as always :)